About the Protein Improvement category

Protein Improvement Proposals is one of core governance processes of the Community. It’s not the only way we make decisions, but it’s used in most cases, as it enables our community to align around common interests and Good Growth principles before voting on Snapshot.

Proposals can vary broadly in their stated goals and requests:

  • They may ask the community to endorse a specific policy and procedure (e.g. “Should Protein allow VC-backed projects?”)
  • Ask the community to build something (e.g. “Build a new software tool” or “Write improved documentation”).
  • They may have no funding requests attached, or make an explicit request for funding.

Before writing a PIP, it’s better to discuss your idea in one of the channels on our Discord server, or create a thread in #proposals channel. Feedback from other members should help you write a more thoughtful proposal here. We ask members to publish their proposals on this forum at least for a few days before putting them on Snapshot, to give enough time for other members to read and comment on them.

When writing a proposal, we kindly ask you to to use the recommended template. Don’t worry, it should load automatically when you start a new thread.