"Building By Creating Standards" As A Good Growth Standard

The pressure of the capital, competing for profit is forcing us to progress with quick fixes. This harms the ecosystem in the means of standards.

If the size of the hose of the fire trucks would be different by different fire truck manufacturers then there would have been a kind of chaotic situation on big fires that many fire trucks across cities come to extinguish. There are countless examples such as phone charging cables, browser’s style rendering engines etc…

There are many organizations that stand for applying standards but they are not effective as they lack to catch up with technology and sometimes companies just don’t want to implement it.

On the other hand, I feel like having fewer standards could allow new projects to flourish…

I was thinking about how this could be part of Good Growth framework. Maybe we could push orgs for building with a standards mentality. Maybe we could make standardization orgs more effective. Maybe this shouldn’t be part of the GGth framework.

I appreciate anyone who wants to explore with me.

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