Comms S3 Budget Request

Authors: Ime, Harry, Kes
Date created: 12.06.2022
Date posted: 15.06.2022

The Comms Team requests 60,200 $PRTN for seasonal funding from the Protein Treasury for Season 3.

Team background:
Prior to Season 2, all comms were handled by the Core Team. Throughout Season 2, we saw the beginnings of the Comms Team starting to form - with Ime joining the crew and the Design Pod springing up to discuss a potential rebrand. This Season, we’re looking to create space for contribution across the whole of our comms, by aligning our various workings under the Comms Team and providing clearer guides and tracks to get involved.

Seasonal focus:
In Season 3 we will be focusing primarily on our second Community objective - energising members and the wider web3 space to engage with good growth (paraphrased). This means more direct focus on ways to instigate conversations with the wider community, by sharing prompts, questions and soundbite from our server. In addition, we will be working closely with teams to communicate Community IRL+URL events, governance proposals and more.

Comms Support + Social Media Management: Ime Ekiko

Team initiatives
Event Comms — 24hrs / 8,400 $PRTN
Create and maintain social media campaigns for Protein Community and Team events, including Stories of Growth, Protein Forum, Anecdotal Archives, S3 End of Summer Hackathon. Compile a list of Protein Core Events to produce every season. Comms to facilitate 3 DAO partnerships in season 3 to partner with for events. Streamline Team Events request and content creation with events request link.

Community Membership + Social Media Engagement 36hrs / 12,600 $PRTN
Increase membership + community engagement with the creation of “:dizzy:In the @protein Spotlight” campaign, an ongoing Social Media Campaign to highlight members, contributors, other DAOs and people in web3. Facilitate at least 2 social media takeovers in a partnership with another DAO or web3 organisation in Season 3. Maintain Social Media Engagement on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord consistently with weekly-monthly content calendars + campaigns.

Good Growth Campaign — 30hrs / 10,500 $PRTN
Monitor and highlight key good growth discussions, concepts and ideas, and partner with DAOs, individuals, and other organisations to explore and share good growth.

Protein Archive— 36hrs / 12,600 $PRTN
Create the official Protein Archive, an archive of the history + work of Protein Community in addition to the creation of the Protein Oral Archive (where all podcasts, forums, and recorded audio is stored + promoted). The Archive will consist of a timeline, community milestones, previous journals + reports, podcasts and forums.

Comms Support & Guides 10hrs / 3,500 $PRTN
Create and store key comms assets ie social templates, drafts, branding guides, and language guides for Team Leads to refer to when sharing content or sharing content request.

Weekly Roundup — 8hrs / 2,800 $PRTN
Continuing our Weekly Roundup, curating key events from the week into a newsletter to keep members up to date

Supplement Newsletter 28hrs / $9,800 $PRTN
Curating, writing and publishing monthly Supplement newsletter to our 35k subscribers. Additionally, exploring ways to leverage this audience to share good growth.

Kick off

Social Campaigns in the drafting process are focused around our Dream DAO Interns joining Protein, the Stories of Growth Podcast, Onboarding Cohort Mirror Article, and the Recelerator Recap. Over the next few weeks, we will be formulating social campaigns + planning events around season 3.

How should you respond?

Yes: These initiatives are worth the funding requested
No: We’d better allocate the $PRTN requested here for other initiatives
Abstain: I don’t understand financial implications / don’t want to vote

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