Governance S3 Budget Request

Authors: Artem, Murat, Andrea
Date created: 10.06.2022
Date posted: 13.06.2022


The governance team requests 120,000 $PRTN from the Protein Treasury for Season 3. This budget is based primarily on the team initiatives we’ve been planning during the Intermission. All members will be compensated with PRTN based on their engagement in these initiatives. As this is the first time we’re requesting season budget, we might have underestimated the required amount of effort, and might need to request additional funding in late July or August.

Team background

The purpose of governance is structuring the field of action for community. This field consists of two main layers: what members are allowed to do and how they coordinate (how they make decisions, how they can amend the governance system). Our team formed in Season 2, when Andrea and Murat joined Artem. While the community was mostly focused on the first cohort of Recelerator, we engaged in sense making, looked at some of the best practice, and tried to design our own governance system, which would be as lean / lightweight as possible, but also aligned with Good Growth and the Protein brand / ethos in general. In addition to planning, we fine tuned the key elements of governance infrastructure: forum, Snapshot, Notion, etc.

Seasonal focus

In Season 3 we endeavour to implement the Self-Regulation framework, designed to invite members of the Protein Community into more collaborative and transparent ways of working and decision-making. We see Self-Regulation as a reflection of Good Growth principles in governance. The principles and tools should empower teams to prioritise their work, make it more visible, get sufficient funding from the treasury and onboard new members with less friction. Thus, we’re aiming to energise the community (community OKR2) in the first place, but both OKR1 and OKR3 should also benefit from it. We want to make it much easier to submit and discuss proposals, document activity using simple Notion templates. All this should improve our community alignment, increase contribution rates and make team work more visible.

Current members / Roles

  • Artem (governance lead)
  • Andrea (lead contributor)
  • Murat (lead contributor)
  • Olivier (lead contributor)

Team initiatives

Decision-making 2.0 – 40 hrs / 14,000 PRTN
Self-regulation is impossible without robust decision-making both on community and team level. We want to introduce a new flow that would help Protein members create and submit proposals, based on our Decision-Making Matrix and other Notion databases. All team members are involved, in collaboration with the Product team.

Governance analytics – 20 hrs / 7,000 PRTN
We need to start tracking our governance in a more systemic way. Initially we wanted to partner with DiamondDAO for this, but it seems Chainverse would be an overkill. Perhaps a regularly updated spreadsheet would do. Some R&D required.

Self-regulation comms – 50 hrs / 17,500 PRTN
Creating and publishing various comms on Self-regulation: visuals, videos, articles.

Standard team wikis – 4 hrs p/w (12 weeks) / 16,800 PRTN
Governance team will help other teams with documentation, including using our Notion templates.

Team-level proposals & voting – 4 hrs p/w (12 weeks) / 16,800 PRTN
Governance team will also support other teams in their decision-making: writing proposals, facilitating discussions around them, setting up polls / votes.

Delegation program – 20 hrs / 7,000 PRTN
We want to increase participation in governance by enabling Protein members to delegate their voting power to stewards. We already have the necessary Snapshot strategy in place, and we only need to design the process and comms around it (e.g. how to nominate yourself).

Compensation framework 2.0 – 10 hrs / 3,500 PRTN
We’ll have to update our current compensation framework by the end of the season. The first version is a temporary and basic solution, which we needed to start allocating budgets. But we still need to add things like retroactive token allocation, vesting, offboarding guidelines, KPI bonuses. The compensation model itself may be revised after we set up the liquidity pool.

Contribution research & monitoring – 60 hours / 21,000 PRTN
This is a project that Olivier will work on in collaboration with Deniz. First, some qualitative research (i.e. interviews) with our core contributors. Then, 10 min check-ins with active members + weekly check-in with the core team as well as core contributors to understand the contribution dynamics. And offboarding interviews should help us understand why people are giving up.

Current distribution of PRTN – 5 hrs / 1,750 PRTN
It’s really important for governance to be able to measure the real turnout in our Snapshot votes. We want to have a clear picture of how much PRTN has been distributed to calculate that.

Governance tooling – 15 hrs / 5,250 PRTN
Dozens of tools have been developed for decentralized governance. For instance, for decision-making we could continue using our current stack (Discord, forum, snapshot), or switch to Murmur, Loomio, RxC Voice, Boardroom, Tally, etc. Thanks to sense making initiatives we know what problems we need to solve, and we also need to research the existing solutions before switching to one of them or developing something in our Lab.

NFT governance & PRTN utility – 25 hrs / 8,750 PRTN
Switching to NFT membership is a very important iniative of Membership, which may also have repercussions for Governance. Initiatilly it’s about access (token gating), but we could also use NFTs for voting. What could be the utility of PRTN if that happens? Would it create additional selling pressure? In general, we want to look into the intersection of governance and tokenomics this season.

Financial implications

All PRTN compensation is linked to the initiatives. Governance isn’t requesting funding for any bounties or tooling at the moment. Our calculations are based on valuation of 350 PRTN / hour, based on PIP-16. We also assume that Season 3 will last for 12 weeks.

How should you respond?

Yes: These initiatives are worth the funding requested
No: We’d better allocate the $PRTN requested here for other initiatives
Abstain: I don’t understand financial implications / don’t want to vote

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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