Membership Team in Season 3

Team Miro Board


Membership Team would like to be allocated 50 K PRTN for Season 3 to execute the following areas of focus: bringing Protein members in real life in various cities, supporting communit-led initiatives, reviewing and implementing products to increase engagement among members and start thinking of how to energise PRTN holders who are not connected to our Discord server.

Seasonal focus

Community Energy + Treasury Health


Event Organisers
Product Reviewers
Community Managers/Ideators

Team initiatives

IRL Meetups: Organising or help other people who will organize IRL meetups.

Community Initiative Incubator: Help and promote community initiatives.

Product Reviewers: Find and test products that will increase meaningful engagement among members. (Ex: THNX bot)

HODL Crew: A crew that will write a proposal on how to energize PRTN holders that are not in our Discord.

Seasonal budget breakdown

How should you respond?

Yes: These initiatives are worth the funding requested
No: We’d better allocate the $PRTN requested here for other initiatives
Abstain: I don’t understand financial implications / don’t want to vote

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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