Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange within Protein

Idea/Project Title: Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange within Protein

Submission Date: 10/07/2022

Your Name: Andrea

Discord Handle: Andrea Brena#6950


While defining the future of our DAO operations, governance, membership, product, treasury, and communication how can we create new avenues of value generation and meaningful engagement for the rest of our community?

Being part of the Protein Network is the number 1 utility for our members if we provide them with opportunities to form new ties that catalyze action and collaboration that go beyond our DAO operations.

This proposal is about starting a new pod that will serve as the platform and destination to spotlight our community’s stories and experiences, curating a community-shaped program of members-led sharing sessions and roundtables, aiming to spark initiatives, projects, and collaboration among members.

What is needed (for now):

  • the creation of a pod
  • define PRTN allocation for contributors and speakers
  • members willing to host an event/seminar/talk/workshop about a specific aspect of their expertise or experience.


Entering a high-potential network like Protein offers the opportunity to tap on a broad variety of skills and people. The first utility of being part of Protein, is being part of the Protein network itself.

Being a member means having access to people that could be your future friends, mentor, and partners and Protein role is to serve as a platform for people share similar values and align with the good growth manifesto, not only to find their calling, but to find or form novel structure of support.

CHALLENGE - How to unleash and unveil the untapped potential that lies within our community?

How can protein become a basin for organic and permissionless collaboration?

How can members connect and inspire each other, forming new ties and building the foundations for mutual support structure?


Building trust and respect among members is critical to establish relationships and ultimately partnerships. Sparking discussion and debate around the different cosmos that surrounds our individual members is one way to build trust and respect using generosity as the medium to form new relationships.

Offering our knowledge, providing learning opportunities, will contribute to form collective knowledge, ultimately shaping the cultural identity of our community, and hopefully helping us to better embody and represent our good growth manifesto.


I personally do not have a plan figured out in detail, and I do not intend to sit down and think how this could look all the way through. Let’s not talk about roadmaps before we actually get hands-on, and we can sense and react, and only then define the future steps.


What I am proposing is the creation of a pod, a defined group and a defined space to incubate and nurture the future of collaboration for our community.

The future of collaboration starts by knowing a little better our community, what are the interests that resonate more with our members, what experience, skills, and aspiration we have as individuals, professionals, and as a collective.

The act of sharing to the protein community the single experiences of members, can let us not only strengthen the literature around good growth, but most importantly can provide a multitude of conversation starters to our community members, with the hope that conversation will lead to collaboration.


“Typically studied as single-celled organisms, microbes are known to form large multicellular communities known as biofilms”

This analogy is a little counter intuitive, and should be discussed.


As our teams are currently defining the infrastructure of our community, what we are lacking are grassroots visions and ideas, individual initiatives and proposal that are not seeking funding to start with, but partners and supporters that can move ideas further.

In the future, the pod could facilitate the support that members collaborative projects might require.

Next Steps?

  • 2 weeks comment below and participate in the poll
  • 1 Round Table event hosted on discord after 27th July
  • Start collecting applications for possible community speakers / hosts

How should you respond?

If you support this initiative and you want to join this future program and host a sharing session, leave your discord handle in the comments, and the topic you would like to talk about (ie. Andrea Brena 6950, Building safe space for collaboration in corporate organizations)

Yes: These initiatives are worth funding from Protein Treasury
No: We’d better allocate the $PRTN requested here for other initiatives
Abstain: I don’t understand financial implications / don’t want to vote

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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So major things to tackle. I hit abstain because I don’t have the capacity to be on the pod ( which the post indicated). A couple of things I am curious about that might allow more discussion on the topic. What is the role of the pod (answered), what are the type of activities will they do (think of the pilot phase: eg- we will host 5 speaking sessions to test out the idea), Goals,and how it benefit proteins vision, purpose or goals. What problem are you currently solving? How can it be solved through this? Then you can submit a separate proposal for funding (answering the above and coming with a fixed cost). Hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

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I think creating a space for learning from eachother is a good idea - at one point the “forum” was going to do that kind of thing. There is a history of paying $PRTN to contributors who participate in the forums (as well as the external facing Stories of Growth)

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Linking here the message I just posted in tough questions.

Hi Protein,

Andrea here. I have at heart people’s growth, as individuals, as professionals, and as a collective. I have at heart some kind of good growth and I would like to share here some thoughts on how Protein can foster growth (of the kind mentioned above, so hopefully good) and value for its members.

Whether you stumbled on protein, whether it’s mission picked your inner cords, you don’t need to lurk or stick around much to realise that in this community gravitating around shared values, lies incredible human capital and hidden potential waiting to be unveiled. It is a unique place in the web3 space, something to nurture and treasure collectively.

How do we unlock new opportunities to generate value, once we access this network?

The answer lies within the connection and ties that we build with each other.

Core team and core contributors have experienced this powerful truth by building the community’s foundations but what about the rest of our wider community?

How can we create new opportunities to form new relationships, building trust and respect, and to create a unique structure of mutual aid and support that can back us as we venture into our own personal and collective journeys?

Before getting into tangible and hard requests, before jumping into solutions, I think there is a lot more to unfold collectively and collaboratively.

If you had similar thoughts, I’d love to connect, and discuss with you how can we create something for the Protein community that we will define as one of our fundamental utility and reason to join this project.

Could this topic be an opportunity to come together regularly, or could this be the beginning of a new project?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you made it to the end of this, thanks so much for your consideration.

I am reposting this to an open conversation on our forum. Hope to see you in there!


I wonder if working trhough something like The Hum (Rich Bartlett and Nati Lombardo) Microsolidarity approach might work … small intro video: a roadmap for high-trust communities - YouTube

hey @Andrea_Brena breathing some fresh life into this proposal as it’s resonates strongly with our season 4 objective and a workstream i have started between the community, studio and agency teams … so my suggestion/request would be how we could include them as part of this process?

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I’ll get back to this is in the coming days @Will_Protein

I see great value for both community and agency/studios to create bridges of knowledge exchange and would love to discuss possible formats.

It could go from automated matching softwares for coffee chat to more curated and collective skill sharing sessions.

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