PIP-19: Protein Grants Committee

Idea/Project Title: Proposal to set up Grants Committee for funding projects

Author(s): Artem

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[current situation]

In Season 4 and beyond, we would like to have a fairer process for funding things we work on as a community. We also need more accountability when it comes to USDC spending.


We propose to set up the Protein Grants Committee (PGC) as a seasonal fund controlled by the elected Committee members. The main purpose of the PGC will be to fund projects that are ready to start mid-season. However, in Season 4 its role will be expanded to funding all projects including Protein projects like GG Playbook, as we were too slow didn’t have time to distribute PRTN during the intermission.

Each Season the PGC will request a budget allocation that will need to be approved in Snapshot together with the rest of the specifications of the Season. PGC also functions as a sanity check for seasonal budget requests for projects, roles and bounties.

We propose to set up the first version of PGC with seven members: 2 Committee Leads and 5 Grants reviewers.

  • Leads are responsible for supervising and administering the grants workflow as well reviewing and voting on projects. They are also the main point of contact of the PGC.
  • Reviewers review the applications from projects requesting a grant.

Members of the PGC are elected by community members through a Snapshot for a term. Each term is two Protein Seasons, approximately 6 months in total.

Each Season, some members of the PGC will be changed or re-elected giving opportunities to everyone in the community to be part of the grants process.

To be elected, Protein members need to nominate themselves via a forum thread. Then community members will elect their preferred candidates through a Snapshot vote.

Grants Process

The PGC meets online at an agreed upon time by the members currently holding the office to review and decide on what grants to award.

Projects apply for a grant through this process:

  1. Projects must have one or more Enzymes (leads). This individual will serve as the main point of contact for anyone to reach out to regarding the Project.
  2. Projects must have a channel in the Discord where Protein members can take part in the development of the Project.
  3. Projects must have a page in the Protein Wiki (Notion). This is where all the information regarding the Project is easily accessible, for anyone to understand the benefits of the Project for the Community, get involved or see the progress.
  4. Projects must have a multi-sig set up with at least 3 signers. Funds will be distributed to this address. (We will host a Gnosis Multi-Sig Workshop for all members soon.)
  5. Projects must have been posted to the Discord channel (in a thread) or Protein forum to gauge community consensus following the proposal template. Polls must have at least 10 votes and be open for 7 days.
  6. Once the prior requirements have been met, members can complete the Project Submission Form.
  7. At least one representative from your project must attend the next Grants Committee call to speak on behalf of the project. Grant Committee calls can be found in our Discord server events and calendar feed.

After the project has been approved through a forum poll and submitted the request for a grant, the PGC will host a representative of the project in a weekly meeting to present the project and the PGC will scrutinise the project and will vote on awarding the grant.

Each PGC member has one vote and a simple majority wins.

Committee Lead Role

The Grants Committee lead is responsible for 1) supervising and administering the requests for grants to the Grants Committee, 2) being a point of contact for the committee, 3) coordinating the activities of the committee itself.

The responsibilities of this role are to:

  • Monitor new submissions to the Grants Committee.
  • Prepare the agenda of the weekly meetings.
  • Update the Grants Committee budget tracker and advise of the budget left regularly. This is ideally done in the agenda of the weekly meetings.
  • Initiate the transactions to distribute grants and make sure they are executed.
  • Moderate weekly meetings.
  • Review and analyse projects submitted to the Grants Committee and vote on them to award them a grant.
  • Represent the Grants Committee in meetings.
  • Contact grant applicants when needed to be in the meetings to represent their projects.
  • Coordinate Grant Committee elections.
  • Coordinate Budget for the GC i.e. members remuneration
  • Be a point of contact for the Grants committee.
  • Maintain and update the Grants Committee Notion page. This includes:
    • Update Grants Submissions database with new decisions.
    • Update the Application for a Grant form each season.
    • Create a new database/table linked to the form so the applications populate.
    • Archive the information and data for previous seasons i.e. database/table

Compensation of the PGC Members

Each PGC Lead receives 25,000 PRTN per Season and each reviewer gets 1,000 PRTN per project application.

Every Season the PGC must propose its own operational budget and it must be ratified by Snapshot together with the rest of the Seasonal Budget.

PGC Procedures

The Grants Committee is governed by the latest Seasonal Specification Approved on Snapshot. Snapshot rules supersede any rules listed below.

  • Quorum: All Grants Committee votes must have 5 members present to pass motions and proposals
    • Members can abstain from voting and still be counted towards quorum
  • Voting: All Grants Committee votes are a simple majority.
  • Documentation: All Grants Committee votes must be recorded in written form on Notion
    • The record should indicate what exactly what voted for, and which members voted FOR, AGAINST, and ABSTAIN
    • In the case of forum proposals, the proposal should be linked beside the vote record
  • Transparency: All Grants Committee votes are open (i.e. not anonymous)
  • Consensus: The Grants Committee will only consider proposals that have met forum quorum requirements:
PRTN request Forum Quorum Forum Vote Forum Timeline
<5K 5 >71% min. 1 week
5K - 25K 10 >71% min. 1 week
25K - 50K 15 >71% min. 2 weeks

PGC Asynchronous Voting Policy

  1. Grants Committee votes can be taken by a role-gated poll (e.g. Seshbot poll, gated by role)
  2. Poll description must include a link to relevant discussion and/or consensus measurement (e.g. Forum post, Discord poll/thread)
  3. The poll options are explicitly as follows:
  • For
  • Against
  • Abstain
  • Discuss
  1. Polls expire in 7 Days
  • If a poll collects votes from all members, it concludes before the expiration
  • If there is a tie that prevents a conclusive result, the poll remains open until it expires
  1. There must be as many votes for “For”, “Against”, and “Abstain” as required by quorum (e.g. Voting “Abstain” counts towards the total quorum requirement, and voting for “Discuss” does not)
  • Votes may be changed, so long as the poll has not been concluded
  • Members are not required to vote until they are satisfied with the discussion
  1. A single vote for “Discuss” requires that the vote be taken synchronously at a PGC meeting
  2. PGC member can call for a funding vote at any time by setting up a gated poll
  • Calling for a vote does not require a meeting


  • members won’t be able to vote on all initiatives (this would take a long time and maybe isn’t necessary)
  • it can take a lot of time to write project applications
  • currently we don’t have USDC to compensate committee members
  • it’s important to have representatives of agency and studios

Temperature check:

Yes: This proposal makes sense / let’s vote on it (if needed)
No: I don’t think it’s a good idea / better focus on something else
Abstain: I don’t understand this proposal

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

0 voters

Project Submission Form

Hi there! You’ve found your way to the Project Submission form - this is how you submit your project to the Grants Committee for funding consideration.

Before you submit, please be sure you have the following:

  1. Forum quorum
  2. A wallet / multisig to which we can send funds
  • Project Name*

  • Project Enzyme’s Discord Handle*

  • Project Forum Post*

  • Amount of PRTN being requested*

  • Project Wallet / Multisig*

  • What are your project KPIs?*

    • If your request is approved, PGC will fund 50% of your request up front, and 50% after 6 weeks, providing you record KPIs for your project.
    • For projects, we typically ask for two KPIs: one which measures the progress towards Protein’s mission (impact KPI), and one which measures your ability to stand on your own (self-regulation KPI).
  • Additional Notes (if needed)*

  • Additional Files (if needed)*

General Advice to Assess Grants

The GC would normally approve to fund projects that will support Protein Community in achieving its mission and/or are aligned with the priorities that are set for that particular Season.

Priorities of Protein Community at the moment:

  • Creating demand for PRTN
  • Empower projects for self-sustainability
  • Support revenue-generating initiatives so we can support as many members and projects as possible while not depleting our PRTN reserves.

Project Review workflow

Step 1: Project Champion submits a proposal via the GC intake form for proposals which have reached the required threshold

Step 2: The Grants Lead assigns a Reviewer in case a reviewer cannot be self-assigned.

Step 3: The reviewer makes sure that the submission meets quorum requirements (see the table above)

Step 4: If the requirements are met, the Grants reviewer opens a sub-thread for the project so that the GC can discuss/ask questions. A poll lasting 7 days is opened by the reviewer in the Grant Polls thread under #grants-committee. This poll is ideally opened as soon as the submission is in but ultimately at discretion of the reviewer in question.

Step 5: Any major questions or concerns are posted directly in the project discussion thread

Step 6: Async voting standards are followed until consensus is reached

Hey @Artem_Protein , I think this process may be what the PGC ends up looking like, but that given our stage of development we may be better off with something that has less friction. Current engagement levels do not support multiple elections. I understand the desire for transparency, though i wonder whether it be better to invite role-gated votes on the package of projects rather than individual ones.

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