Product S3 Budget Request

Authors: Harry, Gustavo, Nahana
Date created: 10.06.2022
Date posted: 10.06.2022


The Product Team requests 100,000 $PRTN for seasonal funding from the Protein Treasury for Season 3. A clear outline of the budget will come in two parts, one as part of this proposal and a second midway through the Season once we’re clearer on our positioning and opportunity spaces.

Team background

Prior to the Intermission period, the Product Team was positioned as creating DAO Tooling, initially for our own Community needs with the idea of branching out further after successful launches. Admittedly, this provided a lack of clear direction and vision. Additionally, we saw the energy that formed around the research pod in Season 2, so with Season 3 we looked towards directing that energy closer to our core of good growth. For Season 3 and beyond, the Product Team and Research pod will be forming a closer bond to research, explore and develop good growth, with the aim of producing solutions (tools/workshops/anything) that helps organisations and communities to manifest good growth.

Seasonal focus

In Season 3 we will be working primarily on Product Discovery, though in the process will look for opportunities to contribute to Community Health and Fundraising as well.

The season will be split into two stages that will result in the development and validating of various prototype good growth products/solutions.

Initially we will conduct clarification around Good Growth, carry out landscape and whitespace analysis, and user research, to inform the product brief. In the process we will start to design and populate a Good Growth knowledge base and content hub.

The product brief will be the input into a hackathon in phase 2 in which teams will conceive and design prototype “good growth products”, followed by the selection of a few of those solutions to undergo further validation.

Team initiatives

Creation of MVD — 7hrs / 2,450 $PRTN
Gathering explorations of good growth so far and summarising into a clear document for Initiative Leads / collaborators to use to get up to speed

Good Growth Wiki v01 — 10hrs / 3,500 $PRTN
Draft and outline a ‘Good growth Wiki’ or knowledge base, to serve as a bank of knowledge for those wanting to go deeper into GG

Landscape Audit — 50hrs / 17,500 $PRTN
Research to outline the ‘competitive’ landscape and identify potential opportunities for good growth evolution

User Research — 60hrs / 21,000 $PRTN
Research, interviews, roundtables with potential target audience to deeper understand and identify unmet needs

GG Hackathon — 100hrs / 35,000 $PRTN (+ additional allocated for prizes)
Organise, structure and provide briefing for Good Growth Hackathon following research initiatives.

Total 80,000 $PRTN + additional for Hackathon Prizes

Roles & Structure

We’ll aim to form 2-3 active working pods throughout the Season. Initially with one pod focussed on the creation of MVP and GG Wiki, and another on the Landscape Audit.

We have identified the need and/or space for two kinds of contributors - those that will be able to drive the work forward with several hours per week, researching, writing and creating a new path for good growth, in addition to important contributors who are able to contribute less time with high value input on a week to week basis.

Kick off

We’re aiming to begin a 4 week sprint on w/c 13th to kickstart the drafting of a good growth wiki and research of the landscape. For those interested, please share your interest in contributing!

How should you respond?

Yes: These initiatives are worth the funding requested
No: We’d better allocate the $PRTN requested here for other initiatives
Abstain: I don’t understand financial implications / don’t want to vote

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