Proposal #10 - Protein Journal 3.0

PRTN Proposal #10
Idea/Project Title: Protein Journal 3.0

Submission Date: 09.02.22

Your Name: Will

Discord Handle: Will | PRTN #7786

Summary: Bring the Protein Journal back for a Web3 world



The Protein Journal was a much-loved printed newspaper (v1) and magazine (v2) that was first published (unironically) to celebrate the launch of the iPad in April 2010. With Protein’s entry into Web3, it feels like a good opportunity to revisit and refresh the Protein Journal brand for the next generation. You can find/read the entire archive here.

For context, the current series of Protein Reports began life within the pages of the Protein Journal, but are now very much a product of Protein Agency, our sister brand consultancy. So as to avoid any confusion, the intention would be to keep the focus of the Protein Journal 3.0 closer to the Protein Supplement i.e. the intersection of culture and tech, but with a Good Growth lens.


The idea is to assemble a small editorial and design team to concept and define what and how a Protein Journal 3.0 would look and feel like and where it would live. Based on these outcomes, a final budget would be agreed, calls for submissions released and commissioning started.


TBC, but no more than $5,000 USDC/PRTN


  • (Re)establishes Protein as a cultural thought leader
  • Provides PRTN members opportunities to earn / write / be awesome
  • Builds Protein brand awareness / love / vibes

Good Growth:

  • Showcase our PRTN projects
  • Profile our PRTN members
  • Peach the Good Growth gospel


  • Additional load on the core team


  • 9th till 14th Feb / Proposal Discussed
  • 14th till 17th Feb / Snapshot Vote (if no new comments)

I love the idea, it sounds like a great way to showcase GG projects on different stages of their lifespan, not only when they get a grant, but also after they execute / iterate and it becomes possible to measure their actual impact. It should also help projects in terms of HR / recruitment.


Sounds great. A good way to showcase all the Protein work, with a side of potentially helping projects who receive a grant to attract and bring on new community members and specifically fill holes in their team knowledge or skillsets.

agree to both points, there’s definitely potential to explore a number of different areas with this, but i think we should start small and see where it evolves. for ref, the original “journal” name came from the idea that would be “journaling our journey through culture”, which feels more relevant now than ever :+1:

i’ve also been chatting with of our members, hugo taylor, to commission him to write our first piece based on his dissertation - a cultural perspective on biomimicry - but through a web3, DAO, network lens. this is inspired david ehrlichman’s “impact networks” book.

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Hi Will! Love the idea of a journal! and to Artem point I can see how it can follow along the different chapters of our journey and become a whole body of work.

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This would be a great way to re-market out Content Hub on Notion:

“The community spotlight series” can also be under the umbrella of this journal. I was approached by some members who want to write a piece for us but the uncertainty of the budget was a blocker.

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I love this too, especially as a seasonal release which reflects our focuses. You can imagine this being such an amazing archive, with guest editors every season.

I also love things like ‘positive news’ which is a celebration of good growth, think a section on that could work for sure


agreed, positive news is a great ref, as is weapons of reason and to a certain extent, courier

plenty to dig into and make our own …

love this idea and I would love to be involved as an editor and/or writer!

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