Proposal #11 - Organize group meditation sessions on Discord

Idea/Project Title: Bhavana Point - group meditation on Discord
Submission Date: 03/03/22
Your Name: Tina
Discord Handle: Tina#4475
A six-week mindfulness drop-in sessions in dedicated voice channel on PRTN server with short surveys throughout to understand participant experience.


Our goal is to foster culture of care for mental wellbeing in web3. As our important first step, we want to enhance PRTN with a space for stillness, reflection, presence, non-verbal connection (think first aid tent at a music festival). We want to empower members with skills to better manage their online and IRL lives.

Technology, social media, and pandemic have made online a much bigger part of our lives and contributed to ongoing mental health crisis. Thanks to folks like Tristan Harris, we know how product design can create dopamine deficit to highjack our brains. Rather than discourage people from using tech, or apply it for mindfulness, we are going to teach PRTN members how to use the mindfulness practice to self-determine how to support mental health.


We will invite all PRTN members to weekly sessions and the self-reporting feedback / survey. We can host regular group meditation sessions (no more than 30 mins long). We expect 20-30 members to participate on a regular basis.

We want to start with well-known Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction technique. Each session will consist of welcoming, sitting and sharing. We will ask everyone to turn microphones on. The sharing in the end will be optional (in verbal form or through journals).

Tina is a NHS-trained instructor of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBSR/MBCT), and a teacher of Osho meditations (trained in Pune, India). She holds PhD in Sociology.

In near future we’re planning to introduce other techniques, e.g. social meditation and metta. There are many different techniques that can be used in different situations, and we’re planning to invite different teachers who could be already familiar or new to web3.

Success metrics: regular attendance rate, development of mindfulness skills, ongoing commitment of practitioners, positive feedback.

Bhavana Point pilot will help us gain insights from members on how mindfulness can help, what works best from web3 and tokenomics perspective. This pilot will form part of a small research project.


No funding required at this point, but teachers could be rewarded with small amounts of $PRTN by participants of each session (as long as they use Polygon chain).

We may require some help with design, etc.


  • Enable participants to use the skills of mindfulness to make better choices re their engagement with online life
  • Create a cultural stickiness that brings more curious people to the tools of mindfulness
  • Improve general quality of life of PRTN members


  • Insufficient # of participants. If less than 3 members participate on a regular basis, the pilot will end. But it’s highly unlikely, MBSR works.
  • It can be difficult to meditate in front of the screen. We encourage participants to place their devices near them and close their eyes.
  • People can feel insecure. PRTN members know each other well enough and it shouldn’t be a problem.

Good growth:

  • Direct impact: the guided sessions will give members training and opportunity to practice mindfulness, and reflect on this experience
  • Bhavana Point will seed a greater sense of agency in how individuals engage with technology, and consequently Web3
  • It will help DAO people slow down and observe, with intention and on purpose, and share any observations, thoughts or feelings, with peers
  • Vision: establish a service DAO addressing the mental health crisis through web3

According to Thich Nhat Hanh, a renowned Zen master, “It is probable that the next buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next buddha may take the form of a community, a community practicing understanding and loving-kindness, a community practicing mindful living.”


Love this! We definitely need more spaces that foster mental/spiritual wellbeing in the space. What if these were open to the public (like our forums)?

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hey Saf, thank you for your feedback, I’m really glad you like this initiative. I know that you’re on PST and we want to set up evening sessions so that you guys can join too.

Answering your question, we want to make our sessions easy to join for PRTN members, which limits us to our Discord server. But going forward, if we turn this into a service sub-DAO with different teachers in different time zones, I guess we could use Zoom for open sessions. Especially if they are facilitated by well-known teachers. Also we could set up our own Discord server which would be open for everyone.


i am keen… ust wondering about the metrics; is there a metric for the meditators or is the assumtion that if they return then its working for them in away that is meaningful for them?


Yes, continued attendance will be on metric as will engagement with research / surveys.

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What if we held these on a public theater channel on our Discord (similar to the PRTN Stage channel)? That way other DAOs might be able to advertise it to their members as well.

It’s an interesting question. If the first few weeks are successful, we’ll want to turn Bhavana Point into a daily thing, serving different time zones. As far as I know Tina has a full-time job and even if she finds time to facilitate 1-2 sessions per week, it will be difficult to scale without hiring additional instructors. And they need to pay their bills and feed their families. So, this initiative will cost us some money. My question is, do you propose to make these sessions open as a form of web3 charity? Or do you want to use them as a way to attract new members?

My understanding of this is that it’s a “seminar”-style event i.e. Tina will be hosting a guided meditation on Discord. Does it make a difference/require extra effort whether there are 5 people in attendance or 50? Since they’ll all be passive listeners anyway. We don’t need to scale any more than the original plan (unless it really blows up and we are able to gather more resources to support the instructors).
To answer your question, it’s both - these sessions would serve as a public good for other DAOs/the space while at the same time bringing more awareness to Protein as a community that prioritizes mental wellbeing. It could generate good discussions within our community as well as attract new members.

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Actually nevermind, just re-reading the proposal and it looks like there is some sharing/conversation involved - in that case I agree, we could keep it limited to members!

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I think we need to test our hypotheses first anyway and then decide to scale it or not. If we do scale it and it becomes a sub-DAO with a sustainable business model, it would be much easier to start hosting open sessions and turn this into public good.

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This sounds awesome!!! I am very very very very excited to join and see where this goes. This truly feels like something that aligns with what I feel I need right now and I am excited to hear from others as well. WOW.
Greetz Lovina


been reading more into what “regenerative” means across disciplines. one interesting one I found was that the soure material that the “Isla Urbana” - “levels of Paradigm” shared by @Rodgox was based on some work by Carol Sanford (also being echoed in some of the Regen DAOs) which references the need to “observe and guide our own minds” - “Without this discipline, neigher evolution nor self determination is possible. We are overcome by the power of habitual ways of thinking, a power that derives in part from the conservation of energy that habits enable”… be suuper interesting to see how these sessions can actively help us shift “web2”/bad growth/etc… ways of thinking by making it easier for us to let go of those thought patterns…


In addition to being ‘overcome by the power of habitual ways of thinking’ we are also currently responding to external provocations, very often resulting in the ‘dopamine deficit’. Yes G! I’m so excited to see what shifts we can create and become aware of!

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:turtle: this is a super cool proposal!

ah yes. this happened, it was an awesome series. @Artem_Protein - do we need a way of archiving proposals that have already been approved/acted on?

:turtle: love it!