Proposal #12 Scholarships to Online Guided Program: Patterns for Self-organising Teams

PRTN Proposal # 12
Idea/Project Title: Scholarships to attend The Hum " Online Guided Program:
Patterns for Self-organising Teams"

Submission Date: 03/11/2022 , March 11, 2022

Your Name: Gustavo

Discord Handle: goldeng#0150

Summary: Pay for 3 members of the community to participate in the online course, using PRTN as the example they are working on and share the knowledge back to the community.


Purpose: In order to improve the capacities of individual members of the PRTN community, and the community’s functioning as a whole.

Decision Making
Access collective intelligence with efficient methods for inclusive decision-making.

Mutual Care & Growth
Create a psychologically safe culture where everyone feels cared for.

Conflict & Feedback
Develop interpersonal skills to be more confident to hold difficult conversations.

Rhythms & Priorities
Stay aligned on priorities and distribute tasks between team members.

Shared Leadership
Understand how to navigate the complex power dynamics that emerge in all groups.

Continuous Improvement
Get the habit of consistent & intentional learning in individuals and teams.

Tickets for organisations are 1155.53 USD each.
3 tickets would be $3465

Intentionally working to improve how the DAO works.
Spreading knowledge of self-organising patterns to our membership.
Shareable outputs.

Good Growth:
Improving our collaborative capacities in order to boost our regenerative potential.

How to ensure that participating members engage fully and share knowledge.
Not sure how to decide who should attend. Perhaps 1 reserved spot each for Core, Contributors, Members?

Quick to avoid missing out.
Discussions open until Wednesday 16th March, 2022 23:59 PST
Voting open until Wednesday 23rd March, 2022 23:59 PST

Have until June to decide who goes on course.

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Thank you Gus! I was about to write this proposal myself when you posted it :smiley:
Btw here’s the link to the program we’re talking about

I think this is a great idea as it sets a precedent for paid education of PRTN members – and that’s an integral part of helping people grow! Our scholars will undoubtedly make our Organism stronger, and it’s also good for our HR branding, as it creates real tangible perks beyond comp.

As you suggested on Discord, we can set up a dedicated channel where they can share the new knowledge with us and discuss it. And it would be great to have an open call with a small presentation in the end.

I’m not sure we need quotas for different contribution zones… I would just ask the community to fill a small form if they want to get scholarship, and then decide how to approach this problem based on number of applications.

I am wary of collecting submissions before establishing criteria based on the experience some projects had on the mission submission. I know some felt that it was not clear that they might not even be eligible based on a criteria that was decided after they applied.
Perhaps the criteria needn’t be those kind of quotas (though it would be awesome to spread knowledge throughout).
But I do think it is important to establish the criteria before asking people to submit.

Hi @goldeng and @zhiganov,

this is a great employer branding case for DAOs. The only thing I would consider though is how can we maximize the investment and build the right framework for it to have impact. So before voting specifically for this course I would suggest we vote for the establishment of a scholarship program.
The only concern for me is regarding the contribution that the scholarship winner “owes” to Protein.
Should this come as a reward on top of traditional prtn compensation to members or should it follow the scholarship as a “share-back-your-knowledge” .

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Hi @Andrea_Brena my sense is to build up to the overrching scaffolding. In other words rather than set the infrastructure up first via a more global proposal, i feel we should take proposal by proposal that might then illuminate how that overarching one might be designed.

love this. Great initiative and precedent as @zhiganov and @Andrea_Brena have said.

I think in the scholarship we can just ask for some creative outputs/reflections on the piece. I think its important to share a paying it on/sharing back. E.g notes, quick videos, articles anything they want.

Having this mapped out and then asking with a quick questionnaire like;

why do you want to attend this?

How will you share this back to the community?

Upskilling members through scholarships is awesome, think its just worth clearly having clear expectations of returns… if we want any at all.


yes we do want clear expectations. Do we need to set them all in the proposal or can we make the proposal for the expenditure and set the expectations later?

Don’t think we need specifics but I think adding that there is an expectation of knowledge-sharing with the larger community would be good to add to the proposal! Specifics can be decided for each case before the scholarship funds are disbursed (i.e. they might be different for a half-day course vs. a 6-week course, etc).


I totally agree with Saf, let’s just figure out who exactly would decide on the specifics in each case? I guess that’s what Andrea was talking about – if we don’t want to deliberate and vote on each scholarship, maybe we should first set up a pod that would be responsible for this? Or it could be decided by the Membership team?

And then what would be the procedure

  1. to apply for a scholarship
  2. to request funding of scholarships for a new course / programme

If we establish a scholarships pod, they should be in touch with the Treasury, which would ensure we don’t overspend (asking the community to vote feels more democratic, but it will add to governance burden and will require additional input from Treasury each time).