Proposal #13 IRL meeting directory

PRTN Proposal # 13
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Idea/Project Title: IRL meeting directory

Submission Date: 03/15/22

Your Name: Andrea

Discord Handle: Andrea Brena#6950

I am suggesting providing our discord with a directory where members can tag a key city where they can autonomously meet other PRTN members. This could lead to more advocacy and PRTN events in the future strengthening the presence of PRTN community in cultural hubs around the world.


Purpose: Protein is the facilitator of connections in our community. IRL meetings can strengthen and create new ties in our community and lead to sub-communities where PRTN advocates can amplify PRTN message via IRL events.

Specifics: I could see this happenings in different ways:

  • a discord poll where an emoji/number is next to key cities.
  • A interactive map where we can pin our discord handle to specific location. (higher maintenance required or interface


  • 0 funding - IRL meet-ups
  • event funding in FIAT for location / equipment

Benefits: The true value of Protein is being connected with likeminded people that would otherwise hard to connect with. Protein is the common denominator that can connect us all in building a structure that favours mutual support.


  • is our community comfortable in revealing where they live?
  • when considering to host official events with a budget behind it. Not everyone would benefit the same way, so there should be ways of funding these events with specific activities, or to redistribute the value and the learnings to the community.

Good growth: This initiative is all about growth from within. Strenghtening ties and connections, incubating real life relationships could lead to the establishment of cultural hubs, scenes, movements.


Great suggestion! It can happen this way:

  1. we share a poll to see the most popular cities ( I think capitals)
  2. We add a message to the #server-roles channel so people can add their city to their discord profile
  3. We can open city-specific channels (public) so we can @“city”


  1. we share a poll to see the most popular cities ( I think capitals)
  2. We open public(only members) channels for the most popular 5 city

Hey @Andrea_Brena, love this proposal! I just created this graph from our approved applicants info - it gives a pretty good view of where our members are based. Knowing this, would love to chat about what next steps could be - maybe to suggest the top 5 of these in a twitter or discord poll?


Hi @dindindeniz and @Harry_PRTN ,

Thank you so much for your input. Great to have an overview and have an idea of how we are distributed. Before opening new channels, I like the idea of Deniz of having server roles with city.
In this way members can autonomously connect with each other and only then, if we see that this aspect of the community gains traction, we can consider to open new geobased channels.

Thinking is better to move in little steps and establish a culture before creating new structures.

Looking at the graph I also wonder whether the top 5 would need their own channel. It really depends on the goal but I am afraid that it would not be balanced.

  • do we want to leverage network effect in our key cities?
  • do we want to create micro hubs, managed by a few members x location to establish protein presence in many different areas?
  • do we want to create exchange between locations?
    These are all reasonable possibilities, that could be the foundation for the final proposal?

I‘d love to open the discussion in our next forum and see if there is anyone in the call as well that is open to provide their point of view. Let‘s take it from there.

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I really like this proposal, and considering that it doesn’t require funding (initially at least), there’s nothing that stops us from moving forward with this. Not voting on Snapshot, but maybe do a small workshop and prototype the solution that would make it easier for members to meet IRL? I’m thinking about Airtable and calendar feeds…

Also there’s another angle or use case that could be even more potent in terms of strengthening ties and connections in PRTN, considering its cultural nature. What if we could also help members to meet at certain IRL events, like conferences or festivals? This is something that we discussed with Jonty at our first meetup in London a few weeks ago. I think quite a few members might be planning to visit the next Schelling Point or Dekmantel or Venice Biennale… Perhaps if they knew about each other they would want to live nearby or party together… Some members might decide to join others even if they didn’t know about the event in the first place.

love this @Andrea_Brena and 100% what i’d love to see more of … let’s also not forget we have a work and event space in shoreditch that can be used for this :+1:

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@Artem_Protein meetups at cultural events is a great point. I could definitely see the benefit of facilitating members meetups, but as well I could see members reporting back to the community their POV on the events and sparking new conversations, round tables, or simply new formats like “PRTN culture review”

@Will_Protein did someone say PRTN supper? I love that and I have been talking to friends who dream about running their own supper club or nights in Berlin.

@alexalombardo is embracing the spirit in New York. Let’s see where this momentum brings us!

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Love this! I wanna join if we will have it in Tokyo or Asia…

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also love this idea. really like the idea of city channels; have seen it work very effectively on other discords i’m in. not sure if there is a prtn telegram, but prtn city groups there are also super helpful for that.

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hey @sallytomato there is a PRTN telegram that was setup when the team went to ETH lisbon last year, so 100% think it’s a good idea to fire it up again for events and other important updates/announcements. you can find it here btw: Telegram: Contact @proteincommunity

i also love the idea of specific city channels to help bring our community together IRL. as we’re still small (300 or so members) it’s hard to get that balance of engagement/activity, but 100% think this is the way forward. one idea suggest by caryn at the last london meet-up was a series of dinner DAO type events (but PRTN picks up the first bill), which would be awesome, so if anyone is up for leading those in your respective cities, my DMs are open!

@Andrea_Brena can i suggest we focus on finding city leads (FWB style) to start organising local meetups and then once we have those going, start building an IRL events listings that combines with our URL events, so everyone can see what’s coming up. again, looking to FWB for inspiration: FWB Events

Hi @Will_Protein yes yes and yes! I’ll create some noise in the IRL server trying to identify potential city leads.

I am still with you on the Protein Suppers. Haven’t forgot about them. There is so much of our values that a food experience could convey. Could really see communal dinners, where people who don’t know each other, sit around the table, food is for free, and covered by the cost of drinks. I had a similar experience in Berlin at Markt Halle 9, and I have two friends who talk about starting own supper events. I’ll meet them in May and explore what I can organize there.


I know that talking about suppers is a couple of steps along the way, but I keep thinking about how it could be also great to host dinners that are open to other daos. In this way there are more chances to get off the ground with our current community across many cities, while building new ties within the web3 landscape.


love this “cross DAO dinner” as i’m trying to setup a good growth roundtable to kickstart the conversation of how our good growth standard could be refined and implemented in other DAOS. the challenge is getting people (physically) into a room together, unless of course we organise them during a conference i.e. ETH AMS that just happened …