Proposal #6a - PRTN Tipping with Sourcecred

PRTN Proposal #6a


Idea/Project Title: PRTN Tipping

Submission Date: 25/01/22

Your Name: Fancy

Discord Handle: Fancy | PRTN#4355

Summary: Proposal to introduce Tipping as an earn to access and gratitude mechanic



In Season 2, Protein is prioritising bringing people into the community through earning mechanics, creating social and financial skin in the game in parallel with token purchasing.

We’re exploring tipping as a way to do this, to give value for subjective !vibes and value creation and create a tipping culture to show gratitude and appreciation for participation.

The purpose ultimately is increasing membership engagement inline with token ownership and good growth. First we’ll focus on participation, and then refine these metrics inline with our good growth values


What changes exactly will happen if this idea is implemented? What technical and social changes need to happen? Do you need technical or social support to make this happen? If so, please add details.

We would use to do this. Which is a gasless tipping bot which allows people !tip eacother with an easy command.

Any member would be able to !tip eachother.

Under the tipping mechanic, these metrics would be more subjective but still translate to creating value within the Community under the banner of participation and then good growth.

We would need no developer needed, it can be deployed via internally.


How much funding do you need? This could be your time, or a rough estimate of costs to make it happen. (If you don’t need any, leave it blank) Est. this is in your chosen currency of $, £, ETH or $PRTN.

We need no funding to implement But we do propose distributing 50,000 $PRTN between core team within Protein, under the conditions they distribute these to other members within the community. Allowing them in term to redistribute and so on.


How would your idea benefit both individual members and the Community as a whole?

Bringing in new models for compensating participation would benefit the community by increasing engagement.

Benefits of tipping

  • Creates a vibe of gratitude
  • Creates relationship bonds
  • Ongoing, not defined by season
  • Easy to understand
  • Withdrawing tips costs a gas fee, meaning it encourages holding and sharing rather than cashing out


Do you have any concerns about implementing this idea? Would anything be difficult? Or potentially not work? Is there anything important to not be forgotten?

The major concerns are around gamification and creating negative participation models of adversarial tech, especially around the open channels where potential members ask ‘wen airdrop’.

Concerns for Tipping

  • Too easily centralised amongst members
  • Members might not be generous
  • Subjective value creation & nepotism
  • Withdrawing tips costs a gas fee, meaning you would build them up over time.

Good growth:

How does your idea fit into our good growth values? Which points does it tick, which points does it not? How does your idea encourage good growth?

Rewarding for participation can fit into good growth values as long as it creates net positive interactions and doesn’t become transactional. Under the good growth values, and in line with the PRTN community vibes a strong tipping culture of gratitude for the community feels like a good fit.

ROUGH WIP Timeline;

20/01/21 - Share with the Community on Discourse

20-26th - Discuss

26th - Community Vote


interesting question!

do you suggest that tipping could complement the Coordinape process?

the hypothesis behind this is something like “if contributions vary in terms of context and commitment, we can increase engagement by introducing more relevant compensation mechanics”?

I guess the compensation options could also include:

  • POAPs (e.g. for participating in a call or voting)
  • internal grants program (e.g. for concrete, time-limited and/or once-off initiatives)

IMO we should think of distinct labour models, i.e. match tipping with certain context / contribution type

it reminds me of the PoolTogether report, in which tipping was proposed as the optimal reward model for contributors who generate goodwill and maintain a welcoming, positive environment

"This set of contributors most closely resembles a fandom or online brand community. This work is key from an infrastructural standpoint, since it fosters internal cohesion and long-term commitment on the part of members.

The generous tipping culture already present in PoolTogether provides a strong foundation for letting this community of fans award one another rewards in a peer-to-peer way. To grow this peer-to-peer believer economy, highly active participants could be granted regular, modest allowances of tokens with the expectation that they would disperse them to other believers as a form of encouragement."

yes, tipping here just creates a community of gratitude, and allows !vibes and value to be recognised without huge lift. It also creates bonds between new and old members. The intention here is tipping doesn’t replace anything, but instead compliments it all as an ongoing uncurrent of appreciate. Let me add these thoughts in.

get points artem

exactly this. I’m not such a massive POAP fan, but internal grants should definitely be explored through another compensation structure. E.g superfluid, or monthly airdrops. For this subjective behaviour. Tipping is a nice balance.

I have experimented with tipping for the previous Learning Community I co-designed. I’m sharing my insights:

  • the target audience wasn’t internet native so they didn’t understand the idea behind it so they actually didn’t use it until the end.
  • we decided to make people use their tip money to vote for and support projects they wanted to be funded.

Since our audience is internet-native and understands the ethos of social tokens I have no doubt that people will tip each other but we have to make sure that we make it super clear what behaviors are worth tipping! when I introduced tipping to my previous community, I designed something called: value-based-incentivization and told the community to tip behaviors that align with our community values.

So for example, one of the values was “igniting a fire” which means you would tip someone who is starting a new initiative in the community.

If we don’t make clear what behaviors are worth tipping, the tipping system won’t work properly. But I am super onboard to introduce tipping because it motivates members in the short run.

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