Proposal #7 - DAO to DAO Bridge

PRTN Proposal #7


Idea/Project Title: DAO to DAO Bridge

Submission Date: 20/01/22

Your Name: Fancy

Discord Handle: Fancy | PRTN#4355

Summary: Create a DAO2DAO bridge for admin and core teams to communicate together

Decision type: Engineering resource allocation
Expertise: Product
Approach: Do-ocracy
Level: Operations
Initiated by: Core Contributor(s)
Ultimate decision: Product Team



Leading a DAO can put huge pressure on core contributors to ‘do it right’ without there being a ‘right answer’ at all. In the process they often duplicate the resources, discussions and ideas of other communities who have come before them or are in parallel. While the web3 space is like no other for resource and knowledge sharing, DAO core teams often end up inventing in silos.

In the spirit of building in public, the purpose of a DAO2DAO bridge is to create a channel shared across different invited communities as a safe space to ask questions, share knowledge and grow together.


For core teams of different communities, they would implement a channel within their servers via a discord bot, allowing you to discuss across different discords, while remaining in your own server.

How it works

The D2D bridge has 3 elements:

  1. A custom channel which is created within your server by the bot
  2. A discord bot which reposts discussion from different servers with the speaker and server name in your server
  3. A non-transferrable NFT for DAO leaders to hold which unlocks the channel via guild

We’ll recreate this bot/tool (for security reasons) with our own custom functionality. Using guild or as our portal to assign DAO leaders the roles which allows them to unlock the channel.

We need technical support in building the DAO2DAO bridge, either forking the code of the connector bot or building our own.

We need design support to create a visually awesome NFT which unlocks the server.


We will need a mix of fiat ($) and $PRTN in order to pay the developer and designer.

We’ll be scoping the project with 3 developers to find a cost.


Creating a D2D bridge would put Protein at the forefront of the tough conversations within the web3 space.

Another benefit for all communities is the ability to have these conversations internally from their own servers without travelling to another discord server and getting discord fatigue / drop off.


Members could be frustrated that they don’t have visibility on these channels.

Good growth

Building together, between communities leads is what web3 is all about. WAGMI. Although this isn’t fully open, this safe space to have the tough conversations and be vulnerable is key for leaders who often feel they should have all the answers.

Allowing this space is a positive sum and good growth.


Sign off from key stakeholders: 20/01/21
Who needs to sign this off? Core team, treasury, governance, product
Development: TBD with product team

Jack, could you please explain how it could work in a more narrative way? Maybe using a specific DAO we want to partner with? Like who would mint the NFTs for example?

Jack I like this idea a lot. questions really are just around implementation - Discord bots have been a vulnerability recently so the connector bot would have to trustworthy.
Love the first d2d NFT
Will be some way to manage NFT permissions within DAOs… eg if the access is granted for any subset of the full membership there needs to be some way to “sign off” on who is entitled to it

Hey, great point. So a v1 this would be Protein issuing these to DAOs and DAO leaders to create a safe space across DAOs. v2 could see anyone issuing DAO bridges to communities they want to. It could be absolutely massive, but the pilot intention is to create a safe space across servers.

Yes, so this is somethign we’re working on with figment right now. We’d be creating the discord bot, so ultimately know the security was sound. On the NFT permissions, we need a way that admins within the community cannot just ‘give roles’ to anyone. So the difficulty now is finding a way to verify your wallet within discord.

Protein would initially distribute these NFTs and they’re non-transferrable