Proposal #8 - PRTN creators mutual aid

PRTN Creators Mutual Aid

Description/ Summary:
This proposal is to establish a mutual aid fund that in time will be able to support PRTN creators when they face difficulties or duress that impact their ability to create. It is also proposed now before PRTN is on the market as if it is established as PRTN culture it is more likely to take root and be a fund that can help us and our fellow DAO members should we need it.

Working in the creative sectors, and in web3, can be precarious. Freelance contracts provide little support for the worker or flexibility around circumstances that might impact delivery. Web3 bounties are speculative and unpredictable.

This is a first proposal towards the development of a safety net for creatives - initially PRTN members.

A feature of partnerships: if you want to bounty into PRTN, you have to put into mutual aid fund.

To create a sub-treasury that can be managed for growth as a fund that will disburse to PRTN members as agreed by a delegated committee to support emergency expenses related to their creativity.


PRTN treasury to move 5% percent of treasury into this sub-fund.

PRTN members who contribute 10% of the PRTN they were allocated(founders, contributors, core, etc…), in exchange for a “mutual NFT”. That NFT grants them power to vote/delegate on rules and disbursements from the fund.

Once PRTN is purchased by new members, % contribution reassessed.

A feature of partnerships: if you want to bounty/hire into PRTN, you have to put into mutual aid fund.

The costs:
5% of PRTN tokens.
Expertise on multi-sig setup for the mutual aid fund.
Resource for development of NFT.

Additional Info

This proposal is made to the whole of PRTN rather than suggested and attracting members as subgroup because, in the interest of financial inclusivity, when PRTN sends the initial tokens to new members, PRTN could send their contribution to the mutual aid fund directly, saving members on gas fees.

The contribution from members who did not have to pay for PRTN is set at this level in keeping with our moves on equity.

  1. how exactly a PRTN member would be able to get financial support? should we define emergency expenses / describe potential scenarios?

  2. do you think it could evolve into a cross-DAO fund?

  1. i think we should keep it purposely vague; we want it to be simple for folks to get help when the need it.
  2. this could be a future iteration but let’s see how a protein-specific fund goes for now!

Thanks for reviving this Ash! Gus and Artem, did we end up dropping this for now? Seems like we all of a sudden had a lot on our plates with the Recelerator haha

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@ashentrouble we slowed it down to try to get some more input… but keen to get it going again… I know that V01D is interested in this too, so will see if we can figure out how to progress this.

Think this is super powerful initiative; I guess my thoughts are around the moral responsibility of those who hold the mutual NFT to be active in disbursing this fund, and while its important to be vague. Any ideas on how we vet the legitimacy of someones claim…

E.g my laptop has broken. How do we evaluate the level of trust and which members can apply for these? Can they apply from day 1?

These are technicalities and they don’t take away from the ethos of a mutual aid fund.

Maybe moving this percentage down to 2% of supply for the fund initially, and moving the allocation given allocation internal members to 5% would work? And then adjusting depending on whats needed.

In terms of resource; these are all really achievable. Even the non-transfer NFT. I think the theory is when we have liquidity to just create a smart contract address people can deposit $PRTN too… they could even buy it and send it straight there.

I support this being done pre liquidity aswell. I think setting some seasonal boundries might be good too, so people know they can apply rather than just we’ve got X%. Finite.

Say a rough estimate of 0.3% of supply can/should be distributed in mutual aid per season, then we can meaningfully adjust that depending on the claims etc or if a global issue forces more applications etc.

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so, there is a liquidity proposal out now… should we try to get this in before that then?