Proposal #9 - Partnership with Known Source

PRTN Proposal #9
Idea/Project Title: PRTN Partnership with Known Source

Submission Date: 03/02/22

Your Name: Will

Discord Handle: Will | PRTN#7786

Summary: Proposal to test our first brand partnership with Known Source, a regenerative reseller startup



In Season 2, we’re going to be piloting a number of “mission aligned” Good Growth projects in order to make our “helping people and ideas grow” mission tangible as well as providing relevant opportunities for our members to contribute and earn. This proposal provides a number of benefits to PRTN, whilst also helping “good brands” get closer to their goals.


The idea is to partner with Known Source, a UK based startup on a mission to “Build the marketplace for first class second hand fashion”. Unlike Depop or similar reseller marketplaces, their point of difference is they guarantee to buy back on any item purchased at any point in the future.

The proposed project is a £25k launch campaign with the opportunity for other PRTN members to join the project team - specifically a project manager and a creative. These would be paid contributions in either fiat, stable coin and $PRTN based on agreed day and/or project rates. This opportunity originally came via Protein Agency, our web2 brand consultancy.

The proposed financial split is a follows:

  • 10% to PRTN Treasury (£2.5k)
  • 10% to PRTN Good Growth Grant Fund (£2.5k)
  • 80% to be split between the project team (£20k)

If successful, this model will be a central component to how PRTN grows, as it will provide a regular, stable and scalable revenues into PRTN from real-world/web2 organisations that aren’t affected by crypto price fluctuations.


None. This would be revenue generating for both the PRTN Treasury as well as PRTN members


  1. Provides funds for our Good Growth Grant fund without diversifying the treasury aka selling $PRTN tokens to investors
  2. Provides earning opportunities for PRTN members to contribute to Good Growth approved brand projects
  3. Provides regular, stable and scalable revenues into PRTN from real-world/web2 organisations that aren’t affected by crypto price fluctuations
  4. Provides relevant brands the opportunity to work with PRTN members in the knowledge they are also contributing to the Good Growth Grant Fund
  5. Leverages our relationship with Protein Agency for future Good Growth projects


There’s a potential conflict with Protein Agency, in terms of which projects go where, but this could be easily rectified by a) filtering for Good Growth and b) size of budget, as Protein Agency doesn’t usually take on projects that are under £50k.


03.02.22 - Share Proposal

03-07 - Discuss

07.02.22 - Community Vote


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