Protein Community Season 4 - Here, Now, Together

Author(s): Will + Kelvin with input from Core Team

Summary: Proposed theme and objective for Season 4


Reflecting on the highs, lows, and learnings from Season 3 and the results from Oliviers audit, we propose to make Season 4 about bringing our glorious Community and Protein Ecosystem together under a unified Call to Adventure.

As our $PRTN token celebrates its 1st and Protein celebrates its 25th journey around the sun, it also feels the right time to align our collect teams, budgets, and resources around a single mission in order to flex for a better future … whilst giving our members new opportunities to learn, earn and grow :seedling:.

We will use Season 4 to bring everyone together through a series of workshops and group discussions that will be facilitated by a trusted external consultant, Letesia Gibson from New Ways.


Our inspiration for this Season comes from three sources. Firstly, this (slightly tweaked) passage written by Matt Klein, is a beautiful observation on our current life and times and resonates deeply on multiple levels:

The second was from the 2017 Protein Futures* presentation which introduced the ME / WE / US concept and the ambition of “growing a community that far great than all of us”. We’re now exactly 5 years into that mission, so feels the right time to bring it back into the Protein Ecosystem.

Thirdly are our Protein’s values, which we cocreated in 2020 with Letesia that we haven’t actively shared with the Community, but feel very relevant to this conversation:


When we setup the latest iteration of the Protein Community and launched our $PRTN token this time last year, we intentionally made space for it to exist on its own. This included a clear mission, a separate legal entity (Protein DAO Ltd.), and an initial ÂŁ80k investment from Protein Holdings that paid for the team and overheads until we closed our pre-seed funding last November.

We’re still very much at the beginning of our journey towards Progressive Decentralisation, so it’s important to recognise where and how the Protein Community came from and its relation to the Protein Ecosystem.


How can we, Protein Community, working with the Protein Agency and Studios teams and members help to future-proof the Protein brand and ecosystem; transitioning it from a dominant system (where we currently sit) to something more emergent?

Screenshot 2022-09-16 at 10.33.07


  • How can we position ourselves towards Good Growth with a motivating vision for the future that is realistic, secure and sustainable?
  • How do we ensure that we are continually adding value to our $PRTN token?
  • How do we ensure that we provide new and exciting opportunities for our members to earn, experiences to access, and events to come together?


Create a composition of the Protein Ecosystem that sells a network of Good Growth products and services. Each team (Community, Agency, and Studios) ladders up to Good Growth, now and in the future. Clarity of where revenue is generated and value is created for the $PRTN token.



Collaboratively develop a single aligned vision for the Protein Ecosystem and $PRTN token. This will be something that connects all the elements while allowing individual teams the flexibility for their own CTAs i.e. how it will translate the vision into reality.


Working with Agency and Studios teams to align on positioning, narrative and outward communication.


Introduce the new vision and approach to Protein Community in parallel with Agency and Studios.

*Footnote: Protein Futures is an annual event for all Protein Core Teams (Holdings, Community, Agency, and Studios) to come together to celebrate their collective achievements as well as share the strategy for the next 12/18 months. We hosted the most recent one on Tuesday this week.

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Thanks @Will_Protein, Kelvin (yes yes to seeing agency active in community). My overall sense is that this is likely to be the direction of travel given who we are, how we were funded, the existing Protein infra, etc. I welcome the PoV of the proposal and directness/explicitness in the general tone. A few points of clarification:

  1. Benefits for Community: Integration makes sense from the PoV of Protein Agency (positioning, research, visibility, new markets) and Studio as a place that houses a collective of people that has assets and community to manage and provide value to. It would be great to be clearer on what the benefits would be for community members individually and community as a whole from participating in “future proofing the Protein brand”. Im sure you have thought them through, its just a matter of being explicit so we know what we’re voting on.

  2. GG objectivesI can see how one community objective (foster GG) is furthered to a degree - at the very least Agency, Studio now have an understanding of this Two Loops theory of paradigm shift, and recognition of where on that curve they fit - as stabilisers (for now) of the dominant system - and can begin to operate from that understanding and find creative ways to make and support the transition to a GG world. Selling Good Growth products and services sounds like a promising trajectory.

  3. Member involvementWould be good to get a sense of how you are thinking that members might participate in this process, and how they might be incentivised. At the moment it looks like the main activities are participating in workshops over the coming season?

  4. Member-led initiativesSome of the feedback and conversations over intermission have noted that we could do better at creating space for member-led initiatives to emerge. Is this proposal intended as a context in which member-led initiatives are supported, or rather as setting a more focussed roadmap for the season?

  5. Clarity for TokenUnder Initial IDeas: “Clarity of where revenue is generated and value is created for the $PRTN token” - is this an unfinished sentence that aims to provide that clarity, or a repetition of Considerations “How do we ensure that we are continually adding value to our $PRTN token”?

  6. Structure context would be great to hear how this might interplay with PiP 18


thanks buddy, all solid points. answers inline:

there’s for our members here: from opportunities to get paid a decent day rate to work on dope agency projects, to the discounts in the studio, to whatever else we come up us! to me this is the very essence of this season to get our heads together and work out what our members want and how we can facilitate delivering that.

great, let’s make it happen and let’s also get aligned on when/how Good Growth becomes it’s own independent/credible thing as well please.

all for discussion and agreement in the coming weeks!

100% agree on this. the only caveat is the lack of USDC funds available for new initiatives, but that shouldn’t hold up any ideas that members want to bring to life themselves, with $PRTN or with new/additional revenue streams attached i.e. sponsorship, grants or partnerships

the sentence is complete, but the work is definitely not. there’s a clear need to revisit our initial $PRTN tokenomics plans to ensure it’s integral to any/all initiatives going forward. this is starting on monday with a session with mark, feems and harry, so if anyone is interested in going the tokenomics pod, please DM me!

for sure, these two proposals are fully aligned in ambition, but the devil will be in the detail and the priority should be to align on where we’re going and then work out how best to get there :+1:

Thanks for the greater detail…
Another question
7. Investors - part of the rationale for moving away from an explicitly GG orientation was that existing and prospective investors did not show much apetite for it. Do you have the sense that this integration route is more appealing?

good point, so thanks for bringing it up … in short, 100%. in simple terms, investors are buying $PRTN, so we need show how we’re going to add value to them in the short and long term, so bringing the focus back onto our $PRTN token and it’s place within the protein ecosystem is going to be a much more appealing pitch :+1:

Here are my unfiltered, stream of conscious thoughts:

So the proposal feels like we are bringing Protein DAO much closer to producing output that is marketing and advertising driven. That is, good growth is now a way of producing marketing and advertising that support good growth from brands, rather than a way of producing industry-agnostic web3 communities and projects. My assumption is the latter was the original version of the DAO and now we are scaling back.

If my interpretation is off, it’s because my assumption is that Protein, the agency, is a marketing and advertising agency. Therefore, if we are aligning the purpose and focus of Protein DAO to the Protein agency, that would mean Protein DAO is now a community of marketers and advertisers seeking to do their profession in more sustainable and enriching ways.

It may help to clarify what is Protein agency about - what type of work the agency does and with whom does it typically. In effect, we are talking about a merger here. In such scenarios, it helps to know both the values and goals each party has.

The big question - does this proposal essentially make the Protein DAO a feeder of talent to Protein the agency and the studio?

Would be great to add a link to Olivier’s audit. I am curious to see how feedback broke down by the Protein DAO core team, community members, and investors. It seems this process is designed to appease investors of the $PRTN by bringing the token closer to clear revenue streams, which is fine on some level.


hi @callmemarvel thanks for your comment. you raise some important points that i’d love to clarfiy.

protein started as an agency, so as a brand, it built its reputation in that space through help brands make better decisions. however, we were never “just” an agency from hosting events, publishing our journal and reports as well as setting up our studio and more recently, our community and $PRTN token.

in short, brands have always been a part of the protein story and not all of them are inherently bad, so this is us leaning into that and recognising our role as a trusted independent consultant to some of the world’s biggest brands (nike, google, diageo etc) to put good growth on their agenda. this also provides our members amazing opportunities to work on brand projects at decent day rates.

in terms of the value exchange, i see it working both ways. the community works as a feeder talent into the agency. the agency works as a feeder for projects for the community.

finally, on olivier’s audit, i’m not sure anything was published, so let me look into what we have and can share :+1:

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here’s the notion page with results of Olivier’s research:

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perfect, thanks @Artem_Protein!

Following some great discussions with our members, please find following an updated version of the proposal, which includes their contributions as well as some additional context to where all this could go.


Let’s use the word invitation rather than proposal as that feels more appropriate in the context of what is being asked of you. And that is to decide if Protein Community continues on its current trajectory as a standalone entity or to begin a tangible integration with the existing Protein Ecosystem (Agency, Studios and Holdings)?

The exact shape of this invitation won’t be a nice handwritten note through your letterbox (maybe next Season?) but more a leap of faith to go on a journey of discovery, exploration, and vibes. Personally speaking, this is the logical continuation of a journey I’ve been on for the last 25 years, so feels appropriate for me to be making this request. For transparency, I will initially represent the elements of the Protein Ecosystem that sit outside of the Community, but over time include representative stakeholders to join us.

What this might look like:


  • Participate in vision workshops alongside Agency and Studios teams
  • Experiment with how we integrate Good Growth into the existing Agency offerings
  • How we make the Community, Agency, and Agency subDAO work better together
  • Revisiting our $PRTN tokenomics to uncover new utility and ensure it’s deliveirng maximum to value to our hodlers
  • Extend the Studios #ProteinPerks to Community and vice versa
  • Shared learning sessions i.e. Community running WFT is Web3? sessions for the Agency team and Agency team running WTF is a trend? sessions for the Community
  • How we might enable Studios desk and events spaces for Community to commune

These are just our initial thoughts, so we would love to hear from you with your ideas and suggestions, and solutions.


With our Ownership report around the corner, we have an opportunity to put some of these findings into practice and pioneer a model that is adaptive, positive, and equitable for a world that is increasingly uncertain, polarising, and reinforcing unequal distributions.

As we look to being positive contributors to the transition to a Good Growth planet, we know we can do more by focusing not only on our internal processes, but also on our external impact, and using our brand as a platform for good. I know that this may represent a departure from what some of you expected when you joined, but I feel that bringing together these various sources of value - and values - presents the best opportunity for creating meaningful impact in the world and value for all of us.

In my mind, there’s no question that the sum will be greater than the parts, as it will unlock a much larger “opportunity space” by bringing all of Protein into the web3 world. I appreciate this is going to take a lot of effort and coordination to achieve, and something elements will move faster than others, but this is the foundational step in achieving progressively decentralisation.