Re-investing time, energy + funding into Anecdotal Archives + DEI

PRTN Proposal # Re-investing time, energey + funding into Anecdotal Archives
Idea/Project Title: Re-investing time, energey + funding into Anecdotal Archives

Submission Date: 27/07/22

Your Name: Kes

Discord Handle: kesinkersole#5039


We recently had to pause our Anecdotal Archives project, which is part of our DEI work within the Protein Membership team, due to a lack of funding available to fairly compensate the Protein members who were working on the project. This makes me feel uncomfortable because this work shouldn’t be seen as an isolated moment and something that can be stopped, but rather something we are always doing, implementing and integrating across all parts of our DAO! One of our key learnings from Anecdotal Archives is that DAOs should put their money where their mouth is to fund these projects and pay the people fairly who work on them.

It isn’t very good growth of us to move forwards with our GG research/product work without carrying on our DEI work. How can we say we are GG when we’ve stopped allocating resources to the under resourced people in our community?

Therefore, I would like to propose to the @Treasury Team that we can find some budget to at least pay for x1 day a week for a community member such as @7babyguava7 to continue working on our Anecdotal Archives project.



To allocate funding towards the Anecdotal Archives project so that Protein Community members are able to work on the project again in order to keep progressing it and integrating the existing learnings into everything across the Community, specifically the Good Growth work streams that are happening right now.

Specifics: Part of this chat was around the questions for the good growth playbook, and that “do you allocate resource towards DEI (or something” is probably a good marker. And if we’re making a playbook, we need to be playing by the book.


We need funding for x1 day / week of work towards Anecdotal Archives and DEI work. This is £170 / $230.


— Allowing members who were working on the project to continue their work
— Integration of the Anecdotal Archives learnings into the rest of the Protein Community, including the current Good Growth work streams
— Practicing what we preach and allocating resources to under resourced members and work streams
— Our DEI work will become more than a moment and something that is integrated at all times

Good Growth:

— It isn’t Good Growth of us to pause important DEI work because we can’t prioritise our funds towards under resourced people or work streams.
— To become more Good Growth, we need to understand all of the learnings from Anecdotal Archives and work to incorporate actions from these learnings across our Community
— The Anecdotal Archives work will form the foundations of the ‘social capital’ thread of the Good Growth framework. Without the Anecdotal Archives work, Good Growth will lack crucial perspectives surrounding belonging, inclusion and identity in DAOs.


That the treasury will come back and say their isn’t enough funding at the moment for this. We know there is a lack of funding, however, we can still be smart about where we position and prioritise what little funding we do have.


We expect to receive more allocated funding by the start of Season 4 (September).

How should you respond?

Yes: These initiatives are worth the funding requested
No: We’d better allocate the $PRTN requested here for other initiatives
Abstain: I don’t understand financial implications / don’t want to vote

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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i appreciate the way you’ve prioritized this project & have contributed the entire way through, Kes. this proposal was an initiative from you that surprised me (in a good way)! i feel like the work you’ve put into Protein exemplifies Good Growth. i love to see that.


<3 thank you for your kind words Princesa, that means a lot to hear from you! thank you for bringing the idea for Anecdotal Archives to the table in the first place and for all of your work towards it so far. it really felt like we were manifesting Good Growth while we were doing the project and I really hope we can find more time, funding and energy towards it in Season 4 <3

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