Treasury S3 Budget Request

Authors: William Rowe
Date created: 13th June 2022
Date posted: 14th June 2022


The Treasury team is requesting 100,000 $PRTN + 5,000 USD/USDC for Season 3. This budget will be used to compensate core contributors as well as cover expenses for attending 2 x ETH conferences to meet investors.

Team background:

The purpose of the Treasury team is to manage the day-to-day operational expenses of the Protein Community, raise investment fund, apply for grants and generate incremental revenues, as well as define $PRTN tokenomics, create compensation policies and approve seasonal budgets.

Seasonal focus:

Our objectives for Season 3, is to “build long-term security into the Protein Treasury and $PRTN token to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the Protein Community and Good Growth framework.” We will be approaching this through a number of initiatives, OKRs and concurrent workstreams:

  1. Securing at least $1.5m in seed investment through a private $PRTN token sale
  2. Securing at least $50k in grant funding from multiple sources
  3. Securing at least $50k in incremental revenues from collaboration with Protein Agency, NFT sales and/or other relevant initiatives or partners
  4. Establishing a clearer and more transparent process for day-to-day Treasury matters incl. compensation policies, contributor payments, cashflow forecasting and budget allocations


William Rowe - Team Lead
Chris Lang - Financial Director (Protein Holdings)
Mikey Baty - Financial Controller (Protein Holdings)
Mark Rendar - Core Contributor (Tokenomics & Liquidity)
Deniz - Contributor (Membership payments)

Team initiatives

(Defined above)

Financial implications

  • $5,000 for travel and expenses for Will to attend ETH BCN and ETHCC to meet with investors
  • Up to 285 hours @ 350 $PRTN per hour (100k $PRTN total) for bounties and contributors to assist with various support needs over the course of the season

How should you respond?

Yes: These initiatives are worth the funding requested
No: We’d better allocate the $PRTN requested here for other initiatives
Abstain: I don’t understand financial implications / don’t want to vote

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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